Saturday, September 19, 2009

So, you have relatives in Germany?

My name is Judy Stadt and I've created a radio show called THE LUNCH & JUDY SHOW! where I display a variety of my talents and opinions & personalities. The venue of the show is talk/entertainment (I hope). I'm what people have referred to as a "veteran" actor (is that more polite than calling me an old fart?) having performed professionally in nearly a hundred plays/films (very small projects and I'm sure you haven't seen me in anything). I sing Jazz standards on the show, I write plays and read my original stories and make lots of commentary and jokes about many things from political to social and beyond with a very energetic delivery (what's beyond?). Anyway, if you are at all curious or so inclined to listen to the show you can hear me live (right now only on WTBQam 3:00 - 4:00 Saturdays or Soon, the shows will be on my new website where I'll have the shows archived with syndication as my objective.

Today, for the question about relatives living in Germany. Yes, unfortunately I do and I just came back from there. My darling son has chosen (because of his profession) to live and be well, far away from me. The good news is that he is well taken care of. He married a darling fraulein who is very close with her lovely family and they have taken him in and made him their own. They live close by (lucky them) and they can easily visit two of the most wonderful (with all the appropriate gramma adjectives) little girls in the world. Well, I've decided that I don't ever want to go back to that country again. Since the only reason I went there was to be with them, they can take themselves to any other place and we can all meet ... perhaps in Italy or France or Mars. It was like living in a sci fi movie where all the townspeople's souls were extracted by some alien entity and what the people were left with ... is ... nothing. Vacancy. No smiles. No expression. No recognition. There was nobody home, hello!!!!!!!!!!! ......

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