Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hello darlings! If you have a topic and a guest, I'll show you how to do the rest. I've been in radio for years and love it. It's my freedom. Radio enables me to exercise my creative talents as an actor/entertainer. In the past I've had to look for agents (where are they?) or bookers (where were they?) and hoped that they would represent me, but now I represent myself on the air live and my show goes all over the world! I write my own schtick, I sing my own tunes, I do my own monologues and am having a ball. Does this sound like your bowl of matzoh ball soup with kreplach? Let's talk!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


On Frontline I saw an episode entitled THE SUICIDE TOURIST documenting Craig, a man suffering terribly from an incurable illness and who had to travel to Europe to receive humane treatment. You can see this wonderful episode online.

For Craig

Far from home is where I'm going
but I'm going to be traveling light
Taking only a full bag of memories
When the time is right
I'll be ready for my spirit to take flight
Cause I cannot stay where I have been

In my minds eye I can see the textures of my life
The bold exclamation of satisfaction
Next to a wild, glorious, unbridled burst of creativity
Hiding behind the unfulfilled dreams of recognition

But in a flash the painting's almost complete
the canvass looks full 'cept for one blank spot
waiting for that last peaceful splash of ...
But, before then
I'll sign it
so all will know that it was my creation
and this most interesting (to me) piece of art
will be not just finished, but
only ready to be hung
on the wall
it's creator visiting it's creator
for I cannot stay where I have been

Saturday, June 25, 2011


All kidding aside, I'm thrilled for all my gay friends that can get married and get all the rights the rest of us have and I wish them all the luck, success and happiness that's possible in this meshugana world. The only thing left to be said is that it's about fucking time!

Friday, June 24, 2011


It's embarrassing to see all the politicians worrying about gay marriage. GET OVER IT. Here's a piece of news ... gay people wanting to wed are not going away and all of us will continue to fight for their rights ... until we win them!!! Perhaps somewhere in the deep, dark crevasses of elected officials brains they think that one fine morning all the gay couples will wake up and say ... "ya know, let's be honest, we don't really want to be married, so ... let's just go to the movies?" I ask many times on THE LUNCH & JUDY SHOW are we all living in a nuthouse? With all the life threatening issues we have in this country to obsess over like ... keeping our children safe from getting killed on the street on their way home from school by getting rid of guns; or throwing those very dangerous pot smokers (hehe) into a private prison where in 2011 they are turned into slaves working for a great wealth producing (for some people) prison corporation making stuff ... yeah they do. **NEWS** if you legalize drugs, there will be lots of money collected to help those same politicians do good things for the people, then they will like you and re-elect you and maybe even RESPECT you ... isn't that a concept? Stop worrying about nuptials and just get real.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have recently been diagnosed as someone with PTSD which is Post Traumatic Shock Disorder. Now, in my mind that was something reserved to people, well "men" who survived a war, who were "shell shocked" which was the term I grew up with but, after thinking about it some more, it made perfect sense to me because my home was definitely a battlefield and I was a prisoner of war kept in solitary confinement. A survivor of neglect and stupidity, I was doomed to live out the rest of my life with a different reality from the rest of the world. I never learned how to trust, how to make friends, how to be a good mother (how could I never having one myself), and even so I have an optimistic heart. I have a talent to forget. But even so it's taken me a long time to get over my childhood. On my show THE LUNCH & JUDY SHOW, I talk about growing up as a child of the 40's which was a totally different planet, believe me. From the Radio that I not only loved but learned how to be human, to early Television and what it meant for me to be thrust into a larger world than I ever imagined. Television transformed my life in so many ways and I try to give my audience a feeling of what entertainment was like w a y back then ... naive, silly at times, sincere almost all the time, and nobody had to use the word "authentic", they already were, they didn't know how to do anything else.


Sorry to tell you darlings, but fear seems to be the controlling factor in today's world. Look at any source of news and fear is all you read, see, hear about and why, you ask? To keep you off track, to keep you stupid, to keep you away from the really important issues. The media, government, Madison Ave. all believe that fear works and I fear that they are right. But, my friends, they want us all to be fearful of the wrong things. Should we really spend energy fearing gays getting married? (I personally don't believe in marriage for anyone ... except as a punishment). Should we fear the morality choices of our elected officials showing their "stuff" on the internet? (How boring can you get, did you see it?) You need to go on a diet ... because fat is bad so we fear nobody will love a larger more voluptuous us. We're getting old, and we fear the loneliness that comes with ignorant and superficial people not caring about old people ... never fear, if they are lucky, they will get old too. I talk about issues like this and more on THE LUNCH & JUDY SHOW and my only fear is that you won't listen. Oh, there's much more ... original stories, tunes and celebrity interviews too!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Did you ever notice little children playing in the school yard? When they were not understood and their needs were not met they used physical violence and hit somebody? Well folks, that happens a lot to adults that were not educated properly and can't communicate effectively enough to get themselves understood and then they hit too ... except when they hit it's with bullets and bombs. We have to get out of the stone age. When will school system recognize that perhaps the most important thing we can do is to give our children the tools they need to be able to communicate effectively in this ever changing world. In our country we not only have many different languages, but our CULTURES are so diverse that we need to teach effective speaking, listening and understanding of each others intentions. That's why I feel one way to go about bringing important information to our kids is that we should be showing foreign films in schools so that students see how other people live, and that those other people all want and need the same things as human beings on this earth, but they just do these things differently. Our students then will learn to RESPECT people of other nations. We can at least start there. Is that so far out of our imagination?