Thursday, June 23, 2011


Sorry to tell you darlings, but fear seems to be the controlling factor in today's world. Look at any source of news and fear is all you read, see, hear about and why, you ask? To keep you off track, to keep you stupid, to keep you away from the really important issues. The media, government, Madison Ave. all believe that fear works and I fear that they are right. But, my friends, they want us all to be fearful of the wrong things. Should we really spend energy fearing gays getting married? (I personally don't believe in marriage for anyone ... except as a punishment). Should we fear the morality choices of our elected officials showing their "stuff" on the internet? (How boring can you get, did you see it?) You need to go on a diet ... because fat is bad so we fear nobody will love a larger more voluptuous us. We're getting old, and we fear the loneliness that comes with ignorant and superficial people not caring about old people ... never fear, if they are lucky, they will get old too. I talk about issues like this and more on THE LUNCH & JUDY SHOW and my only fear is that you won't listen. Oh, there's much more ... original stories, tunes and celebrity interviews too!

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