Friday, June 24, 2011


It's embarrassing to see all the politicians worrying about gay marriage. GET OVER IT. Here's a piece of news ... gay people wanting to wed are not going away and all of us will continue to fight for their rights ... until we win them!!! Perhaps somewhere in the deep, dark crevasses of elected officials brains they think that one fine morning all the gay couples will wake up and say ... "ya know, let's be honest, we don't really want to be married, so ... let's just go to the movies?" I ask many times on THE LUNCH & JUDY SHOW are we all living in a nuthouse? With all the life threatening issues we have in this country to obsess over like ... keeping our children safe from getting killed on the street on their way home from school by getting rid of guns; or throwing those very dangerous pot smokers (hehe) into a private prison where in 2011 they are turned into slaves working for a great wealth producing (for some people) prison corporation making stuff ... yeah they do. **NEWS** if you legalize drugs, there will be lots of money collected to help those same politicians do good things for the people, then they will like you and re-elect you and maybe even RESPECT you ... isn't that a concept? Stop worrying about nuptials and just get real.

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